Friday, December 22, 2017

'Auntobiographical Incident - My Shahada'

'As I started my reinvigorated job, I notice that my chieftain was Muslim. I wee al appearances been interest towards Islam except I was terrified to depend into it due to wholly the bad paper it has been given by this country. And of course existence born Catholic didnt divine service either in being terrified of my parents of what they would think. I in the end started listening and comprehend my old geezer pray. I thought it was so beautiful. Little by and by I started my new job, I met my preserve now, Aziz online. He a akin is Muslim. We became re whollyy heartfelt friends, I started postulation him questions astir(predicate) Islam and the to a greater extent I knew the to a greater extent I precious to know.\nSomething new started to burn off inside of me, it was like if I was befogged and I was lastly being free-base. That effect when you have been in a commodious trip and youre just adroit to be hold home. I had neer felt this way towards anythi ng or any hotshot. Aziz was the one who answered all my questions and he passd me to online website about Islam. In my accept secrecy I would read the guard of account which is the Muslim book sent my God. I would go to the Mosque with my boss. The Mosque is the Muslims graze of prayer. I was afraid what my family would think if they found out only when eventually I didnt care. quartette months had pass since I started researching Islam and I had last decided that I was no lengthy going to overlay about my sexual love towards GOD! And Islam. I wanted to admiration Aziz by sexual congress him that I had military issue (converted) to Islam.\nI asked my boss if he could guide me on how and what I needed to do to return to Islam. I wanted this with all my heart, I wanted to go backrest home. My boss was genuinely nice in guiding me on how to convert. He bought me my very first volume and a bitstock of other Muslim books. April of 2008 my boss took me to the Mosque and told the imam that I wanted to do my shahada. An imam is the person who leads prayers in a mosque and the shahada is the Muslim profession of cartel (there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of... '

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